25 April 2021

We Have Nando's At Home (and it's real Nandos too!) by @NLi10

Thanks to the tricks that lock-down plays with your mind I thought we'd reviewed these before!  I mean a quick search for Nandos on this site reveals a LOT of other things - but not these kits.

And they look luxurious.  A little cheaper than I'd expected considering the brand and the price of the Old El Passo kits.  Naturally we went medium

While we did a veggie version we did add real cheese (but not to mine).

We have tomato, pepper, and courgette - along with a little spinach at the end.

The main protein to mix with the flavour sachet was Fry's vegan mince.  I thought it worked well but my partner isn't so keen on the spongy texture so we probably will stick to Quorn.  This behaves more like animal protein in cooking though so the dust sticks for once. 

And with the addition of the veg it looks like a real mix.  There are only 4 wraps instead of the usual 6-8 in the box though which explains the reduced price - and I think they are a little smaller.  They are very good textured wraps though so I wasn't complaining.

And here it is with the 'chilli jam' (salsa) and Mayo (which we had in the fridge anyway) all ready to roll up and smush.  I don't think there is much in the kit that you couldn't just figure out yourself - just find some peri-peri rub and a jar of salsa - but like with the other kits it just feels that little bit more special to throw it together from the box - and it's a quick and effective meal for 2.

The other brand kits could be expanded to a family of 4 quite easily but for these you'd need to buy a box per 2 people - as long as you keep that in mind then this is a hit!


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