24 April 2021

Pineapple Express IPA (@tinyrebelbrewco) By @SpectreUK

Tiny Rebel Pineapple Express IPA

Believe it or not many years ago one of the most prized possessions in a home was a pineapple. If you look in some stately homes there are carvings and statues and paintings containing pineapples. Rich folk used to spend top money for them and wave them about at parties, never eating them, staring at them for hours on end, possibly talking to them in low tones so no one else could hear, and slowly let them go rotten. Sounds mad to me... Personally I do like pineapple rings from a tin on gammon with some fried egg and chips on the side.

Tiny Rebel and Polly's Brew Co. have joined together to produce this 6.2% in volume Pineapple Express IPA. It's brewed with citrus hops and pineapple juice. Sadly I had steak tonight... well, actually it was very tasty indeed and perfectly cooked, but nevertheless, no gammon to be washed down by this Pineapple Express IPA. So on opening the can there was a citrus hoppy smell followed by a heavy pineapple aroma. Misty golden almost yellow in colour this Pineapple Express IPA had a slim head and a look of pineapple juice after pouring.

On taste there was a jumble of fruitiness to begin with as the pineapple juice and bitter hoppy grapefruit flavours, possibly from Chinook hops, battled for supremacy. Then the sweet pale malts sneaked in to take the palate. The bitterness from those citrus grapefruit flavoured hops then take a bow mixing with the extra fruitiness from the added pineapple juice. This is a very refreshing drink. Something to be enjoyed on a hot day with a good book in the garden followed by a barbecue with friends. Socially distancing, I suppose, but hey, we're almost there! ;-)

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