6 April 2021

Mango Bounty (Russia via GB Gifts) By @Cinabar

Mango Bounty Russia

As someone who loves a limited edition chocolate bar I can’t help browse online to see what is available in other countries and I found myself ordering this Mango Bounty which is originally from Russia (I think). Although we can get Bounty chocolate bars in milk are dark chocolate here we really don’t get limited edition flavours from them. As Bounty is a coconut bar the mix of mango with it sounded perfect for that tropical feel.

The bar, like regular Bounty, is in two pieces but unlike regular Bounty the bar inside is a bright orange colour. I took a bite and as much as I like coconut and mango I found the flavour to be a bit lacklustre. It was alright, there was plenty of coconut and the mango fruit was added sweetness but it was a little syrupy and somehow lacking depth. It was also more moist than a regular Bounty and had therefore lost that nice almost crispy texture. It was okay, a pleasant enough bar but I found myself wishing it was a regular Bounty. As someone who’s love of new and limited edition bars has fuelled a good section of this blog wishing for a regular version of a limited edition is a bad sign indeed. As exciting as this Mango Bounty sounded it isn’t one I’ll be repurchasing.

Mango Bounty Russia

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