11 April 2021

Magnum Mini Double Raspberry (& Chocolate) @NLi10

Sometimes small is good.  Take these Magnum Minis.  The big Magnus are perfect for walking round the park with on a hot summer day - but at home you just want a nice little pudding - and here we go.

I used to buy these for work when Tesco had them on special - but they were never this layered or exciting.

There is a Raspberry & a chocolate version and both are very similar, except the layers are fruity in mine and chocolaty in my partners.

They look very swish

Mine has a layer of jam(ish) in between one thick and one thin layers of classic magnum chocolate.

The raspberry ice-cream appears!

And it actually looks like it does on the box.  Sure - nothing beats the luxury of the Magnum vanilla, but this is a great fruity experience.  We have one each of each flavour - and a spare - in the box of 6 so this will do us for many more movie nights going forwards.

And if you do fancy a bigger ice-cream just eat one of each!


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