18 April 2021

Limited Edition Strawberry & White Choc Kellogg's Coco Pops (@NLi10)

 Coco Pops seem to be where Kellogg's are trying their new ideas.  First up we had the White Choc version - as Cinabar said they were fine.  Now we have the Limited Edition Strawberry & White Choc Kellogg's Coco Pops - which I guess is the same mix but with a touch of strawberry added.

Again - these have been well advertised on the social media - and were in the entrance of the store.  

FloBot is keen to check that they are not cat biscuits - the smell is quite fruity and quite strong!

Thirty Percent less sugar than they decided to put in previous versions of the cereal!

They just look like slightly darker Rice Krispies in this light.  And - while the milk isn't quite as white as it was I wouldn't say it's bright pink (and personally I'm relieved by this!).

The smell is more exciting than the taste - and while you don't have the lovely roast flavour of the Rice Krispies that I might have expected, you do have the chocolatiness of a Coco Pop - but a creamy/fruity version.

I couldn't have blind taste test told you these were strawberry, but they are certainly nice.  It won't take long to destroy this box, but I won't feel the need to hunt down more before they go forever.

Chocolate Orange version next please Mr. Kellogg's!

Bonus Footage:  Pink (ish) milk!


Casey B said...


I'm not a fan of strawberries/strawberry flavoured things, so these don't hold any appeal for me. However, if Kellogg's happen to be listening, I hope a chocolate orange version is forthcoming. It would be on trend, after all.

Take care,


Mike said...

why no picture of them in a bowl with milk?

NLi10 said...

The pic I took with (almond) milk looked terrible! I'll have to take them outside or something so that it has decent lighting and add it to the review.