5 July 2019

Kelloggs White Chocolate Coco Pops (Asda) By @Cinabar

Gosh these new Kelloggs White Chocolate Coco Pops have had quite a bit of a marketing push for their launch. I’ve seen them advertised all over the place and was quite excited to finally find them in Asda. Although there have been various Coco Pops cereals out over the years I can’t remember one that isn’t for a milk chocolate based product. They generally change the shape rather than the flavour.
The box actually looks fairly basic because of all the additional white on the packaging, but at least it stands out as something new. The crispies look quite plain too inside the pack, although they do have a white opaque sheen on them. I poured myself a bowl full and added some milk, they crackled a bit and my first though was that they looked and sounded like Kelloggs Rice Crispies.
The taste isn’t quite as exciting as the hype had made me hope. The Kelloggs White Chocolate Coco Pops are tasty, sweet and a little bit creamy. They have a hint of white chocolate about them, but aren’t overly strong in flavour. Don’t get me wrong I did like them and as they have 30% less sugar so I was impressed by that. It is a nice cereal and one for fans of Rice Crispies who might like the extra creamy taste, they are just not quite as revolutionary as I thought they were going to be.

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