15 July 2019

Oreo Brownie Creme Filled (Import Shop) By @Cinabar

I have to admit I am a bit of an Oreo fan girl. I’m not sure exactly when it happened but Oreo slipped into first place as my go to choice of biscuit. I think it started when they were a novelty and hard to find in the UK back in the nineties. We do get a good range of the Oreo biscuits here in the UK, with different flavours, coated Oreos and even Oreo Muffins, but this particular little gem of Oreo Brownie Creme Filled bar came from The States via an import shop.
What we have here is described as Oreo Brownie Creme Filled cake bar. The bar looks pretty with its white drizzle icing but it felt surprisingly heavy when I picked it up. I did worry from the weight that it might be stodgy, but thankfully I was wrong on that front. The Oreo Brownie had quite a melt in the mouth texture despite it feeling quite substantial and moist. The bar tasted remarkably like Oreo biscuits with the sponge being strong in cocoa, but the distinctive creamy Oreo filling known as “stuff” was generously portioned in the middle. It was actually a complete pleasure to eat and dare I say it, so much more enjoyable than the Oreo Muffin (which I still rate highly). This is definitely a treat worth seeking out, and one I hope makes it onto UK shelves more widely.

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