25 July 2019

Namur and its Beer (by @NLi10)

I'm not a fan of beer, it's nasty stuff with an odd aftertaste.  It's odd then that I drank so much of it on holiday.  You see at university something odd happened - I found one that I liked.  As briefly touched upon in the Belgian review that beer was Leffe - a Belgian light beer that actually has nice flavours in there too.  I do worry that it's a gateway beer leading to other more dubious stuff, but when in Europe the soft drinks are often so bad (in restaurants & bars - Supermarkets are fine) that I look at the beers.

So - after Belgium (but before Luxembourg - I'm going a bit out of order) I figured I could have more Leffe in Namur - I mean it's still technically Belgium while being a different region.  It's very pretty but once you've walked up the fortress you've done all of the tourist things.

But Namur has it's own white beer - and apparently it's the famous original one - maybe Leffe just had better exporters!  Question is - is it just a local thing because it's not for the tastes of the English?

Is it The Worlds Best Wheat Beer?  I don't know whether it was the (terrible) nachos they gave me (admittedly for free) but yes - I liked this and I'd say it's my favourite wheat beer and by extension favourite beer.

That's quite a surprise really, I mean I'm no expert (paging Spectre) but I genuinely considered buying some of this to take home - and I'd have had to carry the bottles for almost two weeks.  Instead I'll just keep an eye out for it at home and encourage others to do the same.  Yum!

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