21 July 2019

Green Tea Drink - Luxembourg (by @NLi10)

I’d never been to Luxembourg 🇱🇺 in fact all I knew about the place was that my well travelled friends advised me not to stay long, and that they used to do unusually well on the TV show Going For Gold. My trip was designed to visit places I’d not really considered for a longer holiday as part of my snack-based Social Tourism (SocTour?)

Here I am underground in their natural history museum (they appear to have don an excavation as part of the building work and incorporated it in an amazing way into the museum.

Why are we talking about this though? They have a cafe!

Before I went out to brave the pretty warm streets I treated myself to a Matcha tea from a range that I thought was all Kumbucha drinks. Alas - this one is just tea. But it’s still pretty darn good.

It’s got all kinds of stuff in it, and I assumed I’d never see these again - until I noticed that it was made in Austria - where I am headed on my trip! Maybe I will get to try the range after all. 

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