1 July 2019

Kinder Ice Cream Sticks (Asda) By @Cinabar

I used to love milk stick ice lollies when I was a kid, there always seemed to be some in a box in the freezer. When I saw these new Kinder Ice Cream Sticks in Asda I immediately thought of those, and was keen to try the Kinder twist on a classic. I realise that one of the purposes of milk lollies is to encourage kids to drink more milk, but it good for grown ups too. Also each ice cream is only 62 calories so it is a guilt free way to cool down in this weather.
There are 10 Kinder Ice Cream Sticks in the box which are individually wrapped. The ice lollies are part covered in milk chocolate, but it is just a thin layer, on what it a tall thin ice cream stick. I liked the addition of the Kinder chocolate but Spectre thought it wasn’t necessary as it drew away from the flavour he remembered from his childhood. For me adding chocolate to most things is a bonus, so I liked. It also tasted distinctively Kinder like and reminded me of Kinder Egg chocolate. The milk base is sweet and creamy and surprisingly refreshing. It was a nice mini treat after our lunch while enjoying the sunshine and without too much guilt. These are by no means the luxury Magnum end of the ice cream spectrum, but as a low calorie small treat I’m looking forward to eating the rest of these Kinder Ice Cream Sticks.

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