11 July 2019

EuroStar - Standard Premium food (@NLi10)

Trains are good fun, being able to get a train from near my house to Brussels is a little mind boggling (you do have to change trains once in London and it takes 4 hours). The website has a few tiers of pricing, one of which gives you nicer seats - more leg room - and some food!

And yes - my single serving friends - this does come on a plastic tray, but it’s actually pretty good. The green chicken was nice, the mixed grains were a great touch too. The Pudding was mysterious and fruity (a lot of people left that) and I got a real person size can of Sprite.

The EuroStar branded cutlery was reusable and metal. I did almost accidentally steal the teaspoon as it was still inside the napkin (and not pictured).

The tea was also good, and you could have free refills for the whole journey. Also - proper cup!

To amuse the children they have a VR experience for when you are under the sea, and complimentary movies as long as you brought your own screen.

And then suddenly you are in Belgium looking at cartoon art!

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