14 July 2019

I Have A Nespresso Problem - I Cant Use Them! (@NLi10)

I’m on holiday, and Hotel Hubert (if you are staying in Brussels use them, they are amazing) provide free hot drinks both in the lobby and room.

This is fine, but I just can’t use Nespresso machines (think this is a Pixie). You put in the capsule, it doesn’t pierce.

Then you redo it after watching a YouTube video and maybe get lucky.

Or crush the capsule to the extent that it no longer stays in the machine. I mean I know I’m a bit disabled but this should be easy right?

One coffee out of three isn’t bad right?

The machine tells you to put water through to clean it - and this gave me the idea of putting the water through and making tea.

I invented Jasmine Green Coffee, because the machine still tasted of coffee. And only gave me half a cup. I gave up.

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Anonymous said...

I had the same battle in the Strand Palace Hotel, and lost.