18 July 2019

Proper Belgian Steak (burger) by @NLi10

I’m on the mainland and trying to eat local cuisine so went for a Belgian Blue Steak. Typically they had run out of that days stock so I went for the equivalent burger.

I also had a Belgian beer in a Belgian glass.

And here is the burger, it took a while to come but that’s because they ground the beef and shaped it just for me!

It looks good on the outside

And slightly pink on the inside - which is scary for BBQ but not so for a restaurant. The beef was fabulously crumbly and had a great flavour. All of the bits inside were great although the cheese was not British cheese and was more like the texture of pepper! I enjoyed it and shall try to keep eating my way across Europe.

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Zeddy said...

As an EHO, I really wouldn't recommend ordering a rare burger anywhere. A steak, sure, but their procedures for the production of the burger need to be very strict and precise. If you can't see it being produced, you cannot be sure it has been done correctly. E. coli STEC is NOT something you'd want.