19 July 2019

Proper Corn Microwavable Cinnamon Popcorn (Asda) By @Cinabar

Proper Corn Microwavable Cinnamon Popcorn

I haven’t made microwave popcorn for many years, the last time I tried the bag caught fire. The “incident” may have been some years ago but it meant I had to really think about whether I went down the route of even buying another bag of microwavable popcorn, the cinnamon swayed me. I love cinnamon, it is my favourite spice so Proper Corn Microwavable Cinnamon Popcorn seemed worth it!

I was however very careful to follow the instructions on this pack, although I’m pretty sure I did last time.
Inside the box are three flat sachets which you pop it in the microwave, with the x side down and then cook it for 2 - 3 minutes, significantly stopping when the popping slows to every 3 seconds. This took 2 minutes 20 seconds in my microwave, and thank fully I had a fully puffed up bag and no burning. Phew.

Despite a good shake before opening the popcorn was unevenly seasoned, this meant that some pieces were very plain.

I didn’t mind this, but I can see that they are not the best bits. The seasoning is also a little odd, sweet cinnamon yes but with a hint of something herby I couldn’t quite place. Part of me thinks it is over cooked cinnamon? The important part was I liked the taste anyway, I found it quite moreish and pleasing to munch on. It was not the best flavour, but there was enough cinnamon to keep me happy. The popcorn pieces were large and fluffy and had a nice crunch. There was only a few unpopped kernels so I think I timed it well too. I found myself reaching for a second helping, so all in all it was a success.

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