12 July 2019

Thorntons Pearls - Nutty Crunch (Thorntons) By @Cinabar

According to the lovely people from Thorntons most ladies own a piece of pearl jewellery. I know I do, I have some charms and a necklace so I’m quite lucky really. When it comes to gift receiving chocolate is always a priority too and Thorntons have gone a step further and created Thorntons Pearls a chocolatey treat, which they very kindly gifted a box for me to try. They are not meant for wearing though, just munching.

The box is smart in shape and packaging so it is perfect for a gift, but this wouldn’t stop me treating myself. The chocolates are individually wrapped in shiny wrappers and are spherical, except for a bit on their base. I unwrapped the first one and found that the chocolates have a soft milk chocolate shell, which gives way to a lovely nutty filling. The praline is smooth rich and creamy. The nut flavour is well balanced and these were a lovely sweet treat. The filling also contained some texture in the form of crispy pieces which added a nice feel to these. As a chocolate and nut fan I was in absolute heaven, thoroughly enjoying the decadent taste sensation from these chocolates. They also have some of these Thorntons Pearls out in a Salted Caramel variety and I can’t wait to give them a try. Hope Spectre doesn’t steal the box though, he is a big caramel fan!

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