30 July 2019

Ribena Frusion Blackcurrant Water (@DegustaboxUK @RibenaUK) By @Cinabar

We always have a bottle of Ribena in the house. It is a favourite drink and high in vitamin C too, which is always a bonus. Spectre assures me he can’t find a generic blackcurrant cordial as good, so for this one we stick with the brand.
This new drink from them is a bit different though as this is Ribena Frusion Blackcurrant Water which I was kindly gifted in a Degustabox. The drink declares itself to be more of a water with blackcurrant, but also contains a twist of kiwi fruit which sounds interesting.

I was pleased that when I poured some of the drink out that it looked quite dark, as I didn’t want a vague flavour, which is what a lot of the “flavoured waters” seem to be code for. I gave the Ribena Frusion Blackcurrant Water a taste and although it is milder than I would make a fruit cordial at home there is still enough flavour for me to enjoy it. The drink is mostly blackcurrant and there is a nice sweetness too, which is needed with blackcurrants to stop the drink being too zingy. The kiwi fruit appears in the after taste, and it adds a nice freshness to the flavour. I liked the combinations of fruits, but was still pleased that the blackcurrant was the dominant ingredient. Although this is mild it was very easy to drink and enjoyable too. This is certainly something I would pick up to keep me hydrated on my work commute.

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