2 July 2019

Magnum White chocolate and Cookies (Asda) By @Cinabar

It is officially ice cream season. As it is Britain it is still “take your your umbrella and sun glasses” season too, but the weather has at least heated up a little in temperature which means cold treats. I have been exploring the different ice creams available this year and I don’t think I’ve seen this flavour; Magnum White chocolate and Cookies, before. Disappointingly I couldn’t spot a “new” label. Inside the box were 3 Magnum ice cream lollies, and each one consists of white chocolate ice cream rippled with chocolate sauce, this is then coated in white chocolate covered in cookie crumbs.
I do like White Chocolate Magnums, so as a twist on them these ice creams couldn’t go far wrong. The added cookie pieces add some lovely texture to the chocolate and as a fan of texture I found that great. The cookie bits were fairly firm too which was good. I liked the extra chocolate taste from the biscuit too. The ice cream was rippled with chocolate sauce too which again I loved and I found very indulgent. Spectre is a white chocolate purist and found the added cookie pieces a bit of a distraction, nice enough but not necessary in his opinion. I loved this version, but this meant I “had too” buy him a box of plain White Magnums. Any excuse to fill up the freezer with our favourite ice creams.

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