8 July 2019

Mexican Jalapeño Peanut M&Ms (Import Shop) By @Cinabar

The only thing that makes the lack of M&Ms variety in the UK tolerable for me is that we have a local Import Shop who hunts down interesting flavours from The States and keeps their stock levels topped up. Currently in America they are having a competition over there to find a new flavour based on traditional flavours from different countries. The first one I’m trying is Mexican Jalapeño Peanut M&Ms. Chilli from Mexico mixed with chocolate, this would never happen for the British version of the sweets.
The bag is dark green and the M&Ms are in three colours, red yellow and green but all are the same variety. They looked very pretty and were all quite large. I gave one a first try and initially I didn’t think they were that strong, the chocolate and peanut were the dominant flavours to start with. As I chewed the spice grew stronger and it got to a point where I thought it was a little too much. I know the origins of chocolate and chilli together come from ancient times and the idea of a little spice is quite nice, but these left my mouth buzzing more than was pleasant. They are by no means the hottest chilli, but I felt the addition was a little too tingly on the tongue to make me crave more. I felt I wanted a drink to wash it away. The heat wasn’t intolerable it was just not well placed. I think these are a a win for novelty and creativity at least, but I wouldn’t vote for them. However I’m looking forward to taking the bag to work and seeing how my colleagues there get on with them, it should be fun!

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