17 July 2019

Twix Milkshake (Mars) By @SpectreUK

I haven't had a milkshake in a good long while. Mars Wrigley Confectionery was kind enough to send me their new Twix Milkshake. I often eat a Twix for my after dinner treat with my white hot chocolate drink instead of eating a cake or something else for dessert. It's the caramel, milk chocolate and biscuit combination that makes a good tasty pudding for me, whilst being washed down with my favourite hot chocolate drink. I remember an Eddie Izzard joke about late night petrol stations serving Twix through their security drawers to murderers! I'm not sure if there's a correlation there…

I decided to eat a Twix whilst washing it down with a Twix milkshake for a double whammy. After shaking well, on opening this Twix milkshake there was surprisingly more of a biscuit aroma from the mid brown liquid inside. There was also sweetness from the caramel, but I couldn't pick up on much milk chocolate in the smell. On taste there was a lot of biscuit in the initial flavour with the sweetness from the caramel close behind it, but the all round creamy milky flavour seemed to overshadow much of the milk chocolate. This left a more biscuit caramel creamy milkshake flavour to this Twix milkshake. It's definitely not a bad thing, as it was certainly very tasty, maybe it just needed a little more milk chocolate. It didn't taste the same as the Twix bar I was eating at the same time. I suppose that's why we have Twix bars and Twix milkshakes. Having said that though, the one washing down the other was a taste sensation, as they went ridiculously well together!

Information on the label;
The 350ml bottle contains189 calories, 4.4g of fat, 22.7g of sugar, 0.85g of salt. Suitable for vegetarians, please see photograph for ingredients.

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hazelnicholson said...

I used to like Twix ice creams but I don't think those have been around for years.