16 July 2019

English Toffee Peanut M&Ms (Import Shop) By @Cinabar

After the hot Jalapeño M&Ms I tried last week I was lucky enough to secure another bag of their World flavours range, this time taking a closer to home variety; English Toffee Peanut M&Ms. These are part of the flavours they have released in America where people (based over there) can vote on a favourite to keep. The other variety I haven’t tried is Thai Coconut but unfortunately I haven’t managed to track a pack of those down yet. I am working on it.
So this variety is English Toffee Peanut flavour as put together by Americans which I discovered when I tried one hadn’t been quite what I was expecting. For me toffee is mostly sweet with a sort of golden buttery flavour, these were richer than that with a hint of vanilla. I think I want to use the word butterscotch to describe the taste rather than toffee, although I appreciate they are similar flavours. The texture too was missing, toffee has a crunchy or gooey texture and because the flavour was embedded in the chocolate it was more like fudge. I have to say despite those comments these English Toffee Peanut M&Ms still tasted divine. They were a lovely flavour combo. The butterscotch like flavour with chocolate and peanut was an absolute treat to to munch on. The pack was so good they were quickly finished off and there was no excess to take to work, my work colleagues did notice - oops. I hope these win the vote!

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