7 July 2019

proper Chips - plain and sour (by @NLi10)

Proper Corn is one of those little products that has escaped into the mainstream and we couldn’t be happier. It’s good to see fun, interesting takes on snack staples.

When we saw these Proper Chips fro. The same people we had to give them a try.

Smiths had lots of flavours and they were on offer!

So we chose the most boring ones, mainly so that we could get the flavour of the chips too and enjoy the lentil goodness.

I chose sea salt, which was nice and very compulsive

The overhead shots always look less generous than they actually are - we shared these!

The chips are lentil based triangles, like tortilla but healthier. Not as rich in flavour as the lentil curls, but still very good.

My partner chose the sour cream which has a flavour that overpowers the chip a little, but is still nice and of a good quality. I look forwards to trying the rest in the name of snack science! 

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