22 July 2019

New M&Ms Crispy Bar (Tesco) By @Cinabar

I know this says “New” on the wrapped but I couldn’t help thinking I had seen something similar to this before. Having looked through previous reviews on the site, my memory isn’t all that, I realise I must have seen something similar in the import shops because as far as I can tell this is properly new to the UK. M&Ms are usually in bags not bars and we don’t get many Limited Edition or new Items in the UK so I was very excited to see this.
The bar is based on the ‘Crispy’ version of the M&Ms and contains both a mini version of the M&Ms and extra crispy pieces too. It is a sharing sized bar and is in blocks, except where the rather cool M&M design is, I do think this is a pretty bar. The underside of the bar reveals just how packed with goodies this bar is, and you can see all the crispy pieces that have been packed into the bar.

The chocolate has loads of texture from all the crispy pieces inside it, which for me made it a pleasure to eat. I hadn’t been expecting that much from the chocolate but I’m pleased to be proved wrong. The M&Ms Crispy Bar chocolate had a thick melt and was sweet, but also rich in cocoa tones. I really like it and found it a pleasure to munch on. It is a proper soothing chocolate. I know they have brought out a peanut version of this bar too with the nutty M&Ms and I can’t wait to track it down. The chocolate is impressive and it is nice a to see a new format and something a bit more fun from M&MS for the UK market.

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Lisa said...

I bought a Hazelnut(!) version of this bar in Tesco, so keep your eyes peeled! They also had the Crispy, Peanut and normal chocolate M&M kind.