28 July 2019

Leibniz in Germany - and special offers in vending machines? (@NLi10)

I love vending machines in Europe, I even visited the highest altitude vending machine in Spain! They are like advertising hoardings telling you what's hot for the local commuters - and unlike the UK they are refrigerated and reasonably priced!

Don't believe me?  See that thing at the bottom? That's a special offer - if you buy one of the things in the red section - you get the other one too!

For 2 Euro that's fine right?  I mean they didn't last long - I was at Trier train station for maybe 15 mins due to delays and I ate both.

The back one is basically a standard stacked Leibniz biscuit, but the front one was triple chocolate due to the liquid core. Exciting and a bit varied, and not something I've seen in the UK.

This was also the first sighting of Kinder Cards - which I then sought out when I got to Munich.

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