26 July 2019

Rowntrees Strawberry Ice Lollies (Waitrose) By @Cinabar

Rowntrees Strawberry Ice Lollies

With the current hot weather I’ve been trying to keep cool. As we don’t have air conditioning I have subjected myself to eating ice cream and ice lollies. Purely on the grounds of health, and potential mass consumption, I’ve been trying to find cold treats that aren’t too high in calories, so that I can just reach for another ice lolly.
I have managed to find these new Rowntrees Strawberry Ice Lollies and at just 62 calories per portion they met my “healthier” requirements perfectly. There are four in the box and each looked quite big in their packaging, but once out the large box their big wrapper seems to leave a disappointingly small strawberry shaped lolly. They are quite are short, but they are cute looking. There is a red strawberry section, a green kiwi base and some dark chocolate drops.
The ice lolly is very juicy and the fruit flavours are nice and strong. I loved the strawberry section it was perfect in the heat and very refreshing. The kiwi section is a clean crisp flavour and this is nice to finish on, the chocolate drops are small and there aren’t many of these so I found myself picking them off and eating them, they did have a nice dark chocolate flavour but were just for decoration really.
So these Rowntrees Strawberry Ice Lollies do get the thumbs up from me, I liked the refreshing flavours and enjoyed my ice lolly. The only problem is they are small, so I may have gone back for another a little later in the afternoon…. oops.

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