27 July 2019

Cornish Saison Beer (Marks & Spencer) By @SpectreUK

What can I say about Cornish Saison? Cornish means it's from down south. Namely from the St. Austell Brewery, in Cornwall. Saison is a type of beer brewed originally in Belgium. The can is a lovely colour. One of my favourites. Purple is the colour of mystery. So you could say that this is an "international can of mystery!" Get it? Never mind… It actually says what it is on the can anyway. Saison is a highly carbonated pale ale with warming spice and citrus flavours. This beer had ginger, lemon, lime zest and cinnamon added in the brewing. I feel like I should have drank this in winter time. However, it has rained all day.

On opening the can there was less of a fizz than I was expecting. Cornish Saison was plenty fizzy on pouring though. This golden coloured pale ale had an aroma of spice oozing from it. I could smell the cinnamon blended with the citrus zest. The warming spice from the ginger and cinnamon was there on first taste. There was a bite from the citrus in the hops and added zest from the lemon and lime. Then came the sweet pale and possibly crystal malts that took those warming spices and the citrus burst into the aftertaste. This is a luscious beer that would be most at home in the autumn or winter, or any wet and rainy day!

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