3 July 2019

Shore: Sweet & Smoky Seaweed Puffs (@DegustaboxUK) By @SpectreUK

I was going to write about a huge bag of pork puffs I have in the Foodstufffinds cupboard today, however, I've been for a checkup at the Dentist and I'm having my rest day from the gym instead, so Seaweed puffs it is. Don't worry, I'll get back to the huge bag of pork puffs soon.

These Shore: Sweet & Smoky Seaweed Puffs are made by the Scottish Seaweed Co. They are marketed at being "under 100 calories", which is ideal for a rest day from exercise. Apparently a good handful of seaweed from the shore around Wick, in Scotland, is used to make a bag of these Seaweed puffs. I don't envy whoever has to pick the seaweed. I visited Wick for the day when I was a small child and all I remember was howling wind and sheets of rain. I'm sure the weather is nice there on other days though…

On opening the packet there was the initial smell of maize puffs with sweetness from the molasses in the ingredients, as well as a little seaweed aroma, with smokiness at the very end. That smell transcends to the taste. There is more sweetness to these maize puffs to start with, but there is then a heavy hit from the seaweed, which pretty much overpowers everything else. This isn't that bad in itself, but takes away the sweetness replacing it with thoughts of that rainy rugged Wick coastline. A little smokiness pops through the seaweed flavour towards the aftertaste, but is immediately drowned out again by the overpowering slightly salty seaweed.

I kind of like these Seaweed puffs, but would have preferred a little more Sweet & Smoky flavour. In fact the more I ate of these Sweet & Smoky Seaweed Puffs the less I liked them and couldn't finish the packet in the end, which is almost unheard of for me.

It was then I realised that the pork puffs were almost on date, so I tried them. They were too much "puff", too much salt, and barely any pork flavour for my liking. So, I didn't finish them either. I blame the dentist…

Information on the packet;
The 22.5g bag has 94.3 calories, with 3.6g of fat, 1.1g of sugar, 5.7g of protein for fixing those tired muscles, and 2.02g of salt. These Seaweed puffs are high in iodine and fibre which helps with your body's "energy yielding metabolism". They have no preservatives, are dairy free, gluten free, with no trans fats, and are Vegan friendly. Please see photograph for the ingredients.

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