4 July 2019

Pride Themed Brownies - Konditor London (by @NLi10)

Pride and inclusion are very important. While no one has come up with a reasonable flag for chronically ill people like myself (the closest is the nautical flag for FoxTrot whose meaning is 'I am disabled, communicate with me') I'm more than happy to see myself included in the rainbow, and represent my LBGTQIA+etc friends where possible.

So if I see a cake shop that is dressed up like this

And selling something tasty that looks like this

I feel obliged to purchase and share with my partner - even though pride month is apparently over we can still be proud of what we have achieved and who we have become

Especially if it involves eating rainbow brownies.  We ate it in our hotel room before going out to a concert, and I liked it although Sam said she found it a little too nutty.  I'd say it was luxury enough to be worth grabbing again.

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