29 April 2021

Eat Out - but actually outside - To Help Out - UK Restaurants are BACK (@NLi10)

Well the sun is out - so lets go to visit our favourite restaurants. But wait - we are still in Covid precautions - how is this possible?

We are outside on the street!

Despite the lovely cocktails it's actually quite cold - it's April in England (Lichfield) so wear a coat.

The food we chose was Ma Ma Thai, and I had the Pad Thai Moo and my partner had the Masaman Tofu Curry.  Both as amazing as usual, but particulalry sweet as our first proper meal out together in maybe 18 months!

And then I got to go and sit in my parents lovely garden and drink tea and eat cake!

These are the rewards we get for staying safe and distant and getting vaccinated.



Stella said...

Here in The Netherlands restaurants were opening up their outdoor facilities for customers for the first time in months yesterday. The weather was nice so it was quite busy. However, today was a different kettle of fish: rain rain and more rain! Nice to see you enjoying yourself!! Regards Nicolet

NLi10 said...

Glad somewhere else is also starting to open up Nicolet - the more we can open safely the more we can help the places that are struggling this time around. Stay Safe :)

Stella said...

Yes, will do! My age group is due for the vaccin this month, fingers crossed there are no delays! Nicolet