9 April 2021

Kit Kat Zebra - Black and White (Tesco) By @Cinabar

Kit Kat Zebra - Black and White

I spotted this new Kit Kat Zebra Black and White in Tesco and thought it looked super pretty so picked one up to try. The bar says it is a mix of dark and white chocolate for the pattern. My first thought was that the dark and white chocolate mix might even itself out and that it would taste like regular Kit Kat, but I guess we are about to find out.

Once out of the wrapper the bar did indeed look very smart, it was clear that the dark chocolate was predominant, with the base of the bar being made up entirely of dark chocolate. The Inside of the Kit Kat sticks looked like the regular bar with the regular wafer. Flavour wise the Kit Kat did taste like a dark chocolate version, with a nice rich cocoa. The white chocolate element was sadly all decoration and just the dark flavours shone through. This Kit Kat Zebra Black and White might not be revolutionary on flavour but it was a bit of fun and it was very enjoyable to munch on. It is a nice limited edition, I’d prefer a more exciting new flavour if I’m honest but I was still pleased to discover this pretty bar in the supermarket.

Kit Kat Zebra - Black and White

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paulham said...

Looks like a bar with chocolate bloom.