11 June 2021

Harry’s Ramsden’s World Famous Fish and Chips Frozen (Iceland) By @Cinabar

Harry’s Ramsden’s World Famous Fish and Chips Frozen

Over the years I’ve eaten at Harry’ Ramsden’s Fish and Chips often, one of our favourite places was the branch overlooking Cardiff Bay. Restaurants have had a difficult time recently with the pandemic and I know there are less branches now of this chain but they have expanded and you can now pick up frozen versions of their meals. They are an Iceland exclusive and I couldn’t wait to give them a try at home.

I picked up all three items to give these the full home experience; I’ve got Harry’s Ramsden’s Salt and Vinegar Jumbo Battered Cod, Mushy Peas and Chip Shop Chips. The fish and the chips are cooked in the oven and the mushy peas are warmed in the microwave. While they were cooking I was most impressed by the aroma, it smelt amazing in the kitchen, the fish and the salt and the pepper were all in the air, it smelt like the restaurants.

These passed the tasted test too with flying colours, the fish had a lovely batter, crispy and with a nice flavour and perfectly seasoned. The chips were some of the best oven chips I’ve tried, and the mushy peas are so much better than our local chip shop. Our local chip shop does a good fish but the ideal mushy peas do seem to escape them. This was such a good meal and one we are defiantly buying again. It is a traditional Friday treat and I do hope the frozen food idea works out for the brand.

Harry’s Ramsden’s World Famous Fish and Chips Frozen

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