16 June 2021

Sour Patch Kids Tropical (Amazon) By @SpectreUK

Sour Patch Kids Tropical

Last time I wrote about Sour Patch Kids, they were the Sour Patch Kids - Heads 2 Flavours in 1. I remember I enjoyed eating them, as they were pretty sour and tasty. These Sour Patch Kids are the Tropical flavours, Soft and Chewy Candy. 
They are artificially flavoured, and are 110 calories per 12 pieces. This seemed like a fairly healthy amount of calories for 12 sweets until I saw the sweets…. 

The sweets are pretty small, unfortunately so much so that the flavours disappear off the palate as quickly as they arrived. There were four colours. Purple was Passionfruit. It had a  passionfruit taste to it, although there was a cherry flavour first and then the passionfruit, which wasn't all that pleasant. This was my least favourite flavour, which is unusual for me, as I usually do like passionfruit flavoured drinks, unless it's mixed with beer!

The next flavour I tried was Orange Tropical Twist, which tasted a little of guava to begin with and then tangy orange. It reminded me a little bit of a Lilt soft drink flavour, and it was refreshing. White was Pineapple, and was a pretty sour pineapple. It tasted of pineapple, and was very flavoursome and tangy. This was my favourite flavour next to the Orange, but it wasn't particularly sour. 

There were far more Pink coloured sweets than any other in the packet. Pink was Paradise Punch, which tasted of red berry and strawberry with a touch of lime maybe, it was certainly very nice indeed. Although I understand that manufacturers very rarely count out equals of flavours in snack packets, and it's probably not possible on a production line, I still would prefer it if they did! There were tonnes of Pink, and tonnes of Purple, which wasn't a favourite flavour of mine. There were smaller amounts of White and yet smaller amounts of Orange, both of which were more preferred. Although I did like the Pinks, I suppose. 

Sadly I wouldn't buy these Sour Patch Kids Tropical soft and chewy sweets again though. I prefer more flavoursome sours that have flavours that last longer on my palate. They ended up more of a waste of calories than anything else!

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