26 June 2021

Last Train Oatmeal Stout (Tesco) By @SpectreUK

Last Train Oatmeal Stout

The last train I took was three weeks before my knee operation nearly three years ago. My knee had completely collapsed from its injury and failed previous operation and I couldn't walk on it at all. I used to rely on public transport, partly because I had an old car and partly for the environment. Circumnavigating train stations with broken escalators and trains turning up at random platforms and often running late, as well as a grinding walk to work afterwards where a constantly broken lift forced me to use the stairs were what ruined my already damaged knee. 

My old car packed up during my rehabilitation due to the winter damp, and so I had to delve into my already depleted savings to buy a newer smarter and more reliable car. So although it's not great for the environment, I drive everywhere. It saves my grumpy knee to strengthen for exercises and weights rather than the grinding it used to have. So that last train was my last train… 

This Last Train is an oatmeal stout produced by Fourpure Brewing Company in London. It's based on London train stations and the adventure of finding the last train home. Whilst I'm not sorry my train adventures are over, I am looking forward to drinking this oatmeal stout and washing down my steak and chips meal. 

There is promise of "rich dark chocolate and roasted coffee" in the flavour of this 5.1% in volume deep dark black stout. With a smell of oats and rich sweet malts merged with chocolate and roasted coffee in the aroma, this stout had my tastebuds smacking with anticipation. On taste this oatmeal stout has rich dark chocolate malt to start with followed by a herbal bitterness and roasted coffee to the finish. Mmm… beautiful, and it went perfectly well with my steak and chips.

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