4 June 2021

What The Fanta - Blue (Asda) #WhatTheFanta By @Cinabar

What The Fanta - Blue #WhatTheFanta

Last year we had a What The Fanta Green edition where we had to try and guess the flavour of the drink. The most common thoughts on that flavour were apple, pear or melon. Somehow it has been a year since that blog post and we have another new flavour to try, What The Fanta Blue edition. Firstly how can it have been a year, time seems to make little sense at the minute, secondly why do they keep choosing such bright colours for their drinks? The shade of colour on this drink doesn’t make me want to drink it, it looks like mouthwash with bubbles.

I braved it and poured myself a glass, it is very blue. I gave it a sip and it is hard not to be influenced by the colour. My thoughts on the flavour were that it was both fruity and sweet and sour, so like sherbet. I think the fruit flavour was berry like, something sharp rather than sweet so I was thinking blueberry or raspberry but I’m not sure if the colour was drawing me in. Anyway my best guess is blueberry sherbet or blueberry and lemon if we are going to stick with the fruit theme. Have you tried it, what do you think?

What The Fanta - Blue #WhatTheFanta

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