25 June 2021

Lindt Banana Split Chocolate (GB Gifts) By @Cinabar

Lindt Banana Split Chocolate

I really like banana as a flavour but am always aware that it is one of those love it or hate it flavours. Spectre hates it, the flavouring specifically actual bananas he eats regularly, but he won’t touch banana milkshake or anything else with the flavour. I’m happy with anything banana flavoured, including actual bananas. They all work for me.

This new bar of Lindt Banana Split chocolate is an import from Germany through an online shop. I couldn’t resist giving it a try as it sounds quite different, something that I don’t think Lindt would launch here in the UK. It is a milk chocolate bar with a layer of chocolate sauce and a banana mousse inside. I gave it a try and was very impressed with the sweet flavour. The banana was very creamy and fruity, with a nice hint of vanilla giving it that luxurious feel. The filling was lovely and smooth. This was a lovely treat, plenty of banana and sweetness, but the chocolate being the predominant flavour. I don’t think Lindt make a bad bar of chocolate but I do wish we could get some of these more adventurous flavours like this Lindt Banana Split chocolate here in the UK.

Lindt Banana Split Chocolate

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