13 June 2021

Putting Jam in things - Krispy Kremes & Mochi (@NLi10)

 Japanese sweets can be scary as the flavours are not what westerners expect.

This cheerful person is wearing a strawberry which is good news!

The back hints at a gooey centre.  This could be good.  

I think this is a mochi, and it's so soft and light and fluffy.

And look at that! I didn't dare bite further in to try for a picture as it was already trying to bust out.  Strawberry rice cake with very sweet strawberry filling! result.  Apparently this came from WingYip so I'll be acquiring more soon.

And what's this - some filled doughnuts?  At train station prices?!

These are the ones I got to eat.  The one on the right is the normal strawberry filled one.

But the left...

Also filled - but with raspberry! granted you don't get as much, but this is probably a more acceptable portion.  I wouldn't know as I ate both while waiting for the train.

Lovely flavours all-round, but I do miss the days where these were a little more affordable and less of a super special treat.

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