24 June 2021

Tiny Tempeh Pieces (Curry Flavoured) and spicy Piri Piri grains (@NLi10)

We love a good evening of vegan food in this house - so my partner picked up a box of Tempeh and I added a sachet of grain!

These are pre-flavoured and essentially ready-to-eat once heated for palatableness.

And they already look quite awesome - even in the box!

I forgot to take a picture of the grain before I ripped and heated it.

This one is basically barley and is really nice.

It smells so great and I loved it.

Unfortunately I forgot to take the plate picture again (argh) but I do remember that the tempeh was a really good texture - different to the tofu we usually have and a little tougher.  The curry flavour was reasonably authentic too.  The spicy grain went surprisingly well - it's so filling and great.  I need to remember to stock up on these bags when they are on special offer again.

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