22 June 2021

Aero Dark & Milk (Tesco) By @cinabar

Aero Dark & Milk

At some point we have decided we want a new chocolate type on the shelves. I don’t mean the short lived novelty of ‘ruby chocolate’ that was everywhere for a while and then seemed to make its retreat I mean the idea that there is a chocolate half way between milk chocolate and dark chocolate, this Dark & Milk bar is the new bubbly version from Aero.

I took the wrapper off and found quite a dark looking bar, the chocolate looked like it had a high cocoa content, the ingredients revealed it to be 48%. I gave it a taste test and can I just say I do like aerated chocolate, it some how feels firm and yet gives way, I like interesting texture. The flavour of the chocolate was initially quite dark, the cocoa is rich and has a nice flavour. The flavour then mellows a little and has an element of being creamy, not in a milk chocolate way as the cocoa remains strong, but just a little smooth. I liked it a lot and I liked the texture so this bar was a win. I’m honestly not sure if the milk-dark chocolate is a flash in the pan like ruby chocolate seemed to be, so lets enjoy Aero Dark & Milk while it is here.

Aero Dark & Milk

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zeddy said...

The mint version is very nice as mint always goes better with dark chocolate.