18 June 2021

Hellmann’s Cheese Flavour Sauce (Ocado) By @Cinabar

Hellmann’s Cheese Flavour Sauce

I spotted this new Hellmann’s Cheese Flavour Sauce on the Ocado website under new items and I thought this would be nice for burgers, as it is barbecue season. I decided to try it out on chips as a starting point and ( squeezed a dollop of the yellow sauce on my plate. I have to admit the appearance is a strikingly yellow, like mustard. It isn’t a good looking sauce.

I dipped a chip into it and the sauce has a pleasant cheese flavour, I do love cheese and I love choosing different ones from a deli counter. This sauce couldn’t really be identified more than generic cheese, the square slice you get wrapped in cling film for a cheap burger topping, but liquidised. The flavour was nice, I think it needed mixing with something that hard more flavour to start. There is a place for this Hellmann’s Cheese Flavour Sauce, on top of burgers, for dipping spicy nachos in etc, it will be handy to have at the side of the barbecue. It isn’t for the cheese connoisseur but it is a fun sauce and it perfect for the summer.

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