6 June 2021

Macchiato Dolce Gusto Varieties - Unsweetened & Vanilla (@NLi10)

Hooray - it's coffee time!  Well - we talked about the most exciting coffees last time so now we are left with the Macchiatos.  Well - the Latte Macchiatos (I keep making that mistake in restaurants and getting tiny coffees).

The regular store just has the standard ones - here we can get the unsweetened one so we can add our own sugar.

And here are the stats - 16 pods makes 8 coffees

Beautiful little things.  And in a minutes time they'll be in the bin! We talked about the eco responsibility of these last week.

And look - we get ourselves half a coffee! Mmmm.  Truth be told - this is probably enough coffee to sit at a desk. I want little coffees throughout the day - not one massive hit.

A Macchiato is basically a cappuccino they put in the machine in the wrong order so it has layers and a little stain on top. And here they put vanilla in the milk. Result!

Otherwise - very similar! Somehow lighter?!

And as it looks identical to the other one I might as well show you their picture of the thing!

The unsweetened one is dark - powerfully so, but not like the earthy tomes of the Guatemalan one - the lack of artificial sweetness is pretty noticeable.

The vanilla swings the other way - the sweetness is everywhere and lovely for it.  There is a reason that all of these went first!  The regular Macchiato went next and there are still unsweetened ones left for me to have next week. 

We are doing another order soon.

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