17 June 2021

Original Stormtrooper Galactic Pale Ale (@NLi10)

It's Father's Day weekend in the UK - so how better to celebrate than buy going to the lovely shop for www.tastesofbritain.com in Solihull - and then buying myself some beer!  Not a sponsored review - it's just an ace little shop that could easily bankrupt me given the opportunity.

Well - I did buy my Dad some stuff too - but that's all a secret at the moment - and I'm not sure he's even seen Star Wars.  And doesn't like beer.

The can is ace - it's going on a windowsil - maybe at work.

The beer is good beer, but not as 'me' as the little Japanese owl beer that I love.  It tastes like a pale ale does.  I will drink and review the other things I purchased in good time! ;)


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