10 June 2021

Zizzi Rustica Pizza - with Chilli oil to drizzle! (@NLi10)

Cases are up, and eating out is over-rated so lets have a night in with a pizza and some TV.

But what's this - restaurant grade pizza at home? Best of both worlds! 

We love Zizzi in Harborne - please let us go back there one day! 

Looks pretty decent - comes in a bio bag instead of cling-film too.

And what's that little thing?

Why it's some Chilli oil to add to taste!

So exciting that I forgot to take a picture of the finished item.  I added a third of the oil to the top of the pizza after cooking, partially as it already had spicy bits, but also so I can keep this for a picante pasta later in the week.

Luxury ingredients and a great textured base, I'm sure to have this one again!

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