20 June 2021

Snickers Creamy Peanut Butter (@Nli10)

Americans love peanut butter.  At least they think they do!  Real peanut butter has two ingredients (peanuts and violence) and it's just the proportions of the two that change the crunch and consistency.  Feel free to add a little salt to taste too!

Here we see that Snickers have decided that they should be more like the artificial peanut paste products that dominate America (but with actual chocolate for a change) so what's it like?

You get three portions - which is just a modern way of saying that this bar is three times the recommended snack size of 100 kcal.  You better bet I ate it all in one sitting.

The choc was a surprise - it's proper stuff! The insides...

Well it's just mush and goo.  You'd need a pretty good knife to avoid squishing all the layers - another reason for the portion size is that you really just want to put all this in at once.

And it works to a point - but the tough, chewy base and the paste on top really don't integrate well so you are just eating two odd things together.  I'd rather have a real Snickers, or just the paste coated in chocolate like all the Hersey festive blobs.  This paste is at least less 'American' in flavour and may actually contain lots of peanuts so it's a step in the right direction.

One to watch, but unlikely to stick around.



Stella said...

A spoon, a jar of crunchy peanut butter, a few pieces of fudge and a few pieces of chocolate..... oh.... and a cuppa! ;-)

zeddy said...

That's too bad you don't like them.
I'm not normally a big peanut fan. I can take but usually leave a regular Snickers but these!!
They are sooo tasty.
Creamy peanut butter and chewy chewy caramel.
The Reece's nutrageous is only slightly better but without real chocolate.