27 June 2021

Shore - Sea Kitchen. Black Kale & Seaweed Pesto (@NLi10)

We like pesto a lot, and we are brave enough to try new things, so this seemed like a worthwhile risk.

Shore sell lots of Scottish Seaweed products, but this one seemed a little more veggie/vegan friendly than most.  As a blend of things to it may be a little less fishy.

It's mostly kale (yes!) and only 18% seaweed so more of a recipe than an ingredient.

Perfect on pasta?  Well lets have a go!

A generous helping of goop.

Wack a few pine nuts on top and dinner is served!  Yeah- I could have added some leafy greens too.

And the verdict is a success.  The flavours aren't quite pesto enough for me, but as a pesto-like accompaniment to pasta it works well.  The flavours are more of the vegetation than the sea, and the texture isn't as alien as the seaweed can be when it's in bigger leaves.  I don't think we'll have a problem finishing this, but I think I'll add a little more seasoning with this next time - or use it alongside a sauce we already have as a deep flavour kick.

Certainly worth a look if you fancy a nautically themed pasta dish.


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