15 June 2021

New UK M&Ms Brownie Edition (Co-Op) By @Cinabar

New UK M&Ms Brownie Edition

Well this doesn’t happen very often, today we have new UK M&Ms. I’m searching out the party poppers as this warrants some celebration, we don’t get many new flavours here. In the States they have regular new flavours and my very lovely American friend does kindly send me M&Ms (in return for Percy Pigs). Here M&Ms are a rare commodity and I wasn’t expecting to find these when I was doing a top up shop in the Co-Op, bread, bananas, milk and a couple of bags of the New UK Brownie M&Ms, all the essentials covered.

New UK M&Ms Brownie Edition

I poured out the M&Ms and the colours of the shells are the regular colours but they do seem a bit motley. The brownie inside the shells is showing through, I don’t think this is from the heat, but if you have tried some let me know what yours looked like. I gave one a try and was impressed with the flavour, they had a nice chocolate cake like taste with a hint of nut that worked well. t did remind me of a Brownie, there was even a little saltiness. The texture was a little firmer than a Brownie would be, almost chewy, but still nice. I’m so excited to see these New UK Brownie M&Ms and can’t wait to get another pack (when we run out of milk again).

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Stella said...

Sometimes I think the Netherlands are some kind of backwater.... we never get any of the specials you get in the UK! I am thinking KitKat, Twix, M&M's and so on. Such a pity! I do have friends in the UK, quite a few, so I think I am going to have to get them to start supplying me with goodies. Any ideas as to what I can send them apart from 'stroopwafels'?
A visit to the UK used to be on my agenda at least once a year, and if it wasn't for covid.... Anyways...let's hope I can soon come over and buy my own goodies!