28 August 2022

Birmingham & Sandwell Mela - Indian Party In The Park (@NLi10)

More local goodies today - this time by where I live now.  Pic at the start for Instagram! 

Every year our local park hosts a Mela - which is an Asian carnival - for the tiny price of £2 you get to enjoy all the food stalls and the music.

Plenty of selfie opportunities too.  

Nicely the Commonwealth games stands haven’t stopped appearing - there was a demo for combat sports and wheelchair basketball - and both always had a queue to participate.

And there were freebies - we got a can of Coco Cabana Coconut Water each - and despite my reservations I decided to try it.  I liked it a lot more than I usually do - I think a mix of this brand, the heat and the food I had with it.

There were things for the kids too - including this preposterously high (20ft?) inflatable slide. They are braver than I am.

They did have Euro food too - but we went for Asian delights.

I chose the Dahi Puri at the top - little crispy shells with chick-pea, masala and all kinds of spices thrown in.  Absolutely gorgeous and so fresh.

My partner had samosa chaat which is basically onion, tomato and chickpea with all the usual spices and bits, but with a scoop of samosa bits added in which soaks up the sauce and makes for a really good time.

Surprisingly they had a lovely hand painted ghost train - we didn’t go on. Only £3 though.

For pudding we had Julabi which is basically candy-floss in flavours and ingredients. So much - all the food portions were £5 for ease so you got loads of this.

And you can finish your food while enjoying the live Bhangra music and dancing.

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