17 August 2022

Skeeter’s Original BBQ sauce (Aldi) By @SpectreUK

Skeeter’s Original BBQ sauce (Aldi)

I love barbecue sauce. I haven't written about a sauce for a good long while. I always like barbecue sauce on chips, and sometimes even potatoes. I also have a habit from when I was a child in fast food takeaways, of dipping my cheeseburger in barbecue sauce. I would not dip it in any other sauce mind, only barbecue.

So you can see that barbecue sauce is probably my favourite sauce of them all. Sure I like tomato ketchup, brown sauce, curry sauce, and other sauces, especially hot sauces - though they have to be tasty hot sauces, like Cholula. If a hot chilli sauce just burns my mouth out and stops me from tasting the rest of my food, it's a waste of time to me.

Cinabar saw this Skeeter's Original BBQ sauce in a local supermarket. It was produced by Bramwells. There's not much information on the bottle, but it seems like a classical American barbecue sauce to me. There are so many barbecue sauces on the market, just another one of many needs a flavoursome taste and should probably be a little distinctive from the rest. So chips and a cheeseburger here I go.

There was a good sweet and smoky aroma on pouring out the sauce. I see why they have a bull on the front of the bottle. This is a perfect barbecue sauce for steak and chips, and of course, a cheeseburger and fries. That sweet smoky barbecue flavour really enhanced the chips, and then on dipping my cheeseburger too. The sweet barbecue sauce slapped my tastebuds making my mouth water, and the smokiness complemented the beefiness of my cheeseburger. I'll definitely have this sauce in regularly from now on.

Skeeter’s Original BBQ sauce (Aldi)

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