21 August 2022

The Infusionist Mocktails - Strawberry Daiquiri (Aldi) By @Cinabar


Recently I tried one of the new mocktail drinks from Aldi, a Pina Colada, and I enjoyed it so much I have gone back for more flavours. This one is The Infusionist Mocktails Strawberry Daiquiri, based on the classic cocktail but this is a no alcohol version. It contains strawberry, lemon and blackcurrant to give it an added zing.

I poured the drink into a glass and it was a lovely rosy red colour. I gave it a sip and it really is something special. The drink is sweet and summery, but the added sour from the lemon and blackcurrant gives a good mature kick and the sourness is refreshing. The combination of flavours, from sweet to sour makes this a moreish drink. It is easy to finish the glass of this The Infusionist Mocktails Strawberry Daiquiri quickly, but as it has no alcohol there is no guilt there.

I love these new mocktail juices from Aldi, and as the other two have been so good, I am going back next week to get the Mojito version. I thoroughly recommend these drinks, perfect refreshment on a warm day.

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