6 August 2022

Harper's Ruby Red Ale (Aldi ) By @SpectreUK

Ruby Red Ale

My first week back at work complete I fancy a full bodied tasty ale to celebrate. I had a few months off and spent too much of my savings to be comfortable. I have a good new job and my new boss seems really nice. It's hybrid working, so partly working from home and partly in the office, which is only twenty minutes down the road.

I've laboured on the laptop and finally done all my mandatory training, which was really time consuming and painful, but it's all done now. Wow, there was some long modules and tough questions. I had to pass everything to finish too. So a good tasty ale and the rest of a packet of vanilla fudge should go down a treat with Rambo: Last Blood.

This Ruby Red Ale was brewed by Harper's Brewing Company. At 5% in volume it's described on the bottle as a "deep mahogany beer with rich toffee apple and roasted chocolate flavours." Wow, this should definitely go down a treat as a good liquid pudding with some vanilla fudge on the side.

On opening the bottle there was a rich sweet fruity aroma from the deep red ale. I can see what they mean by the toffee apple. The roasted chocolate malt added further depth to this rich fruity smell. On taste this Ruby Red Ale had a slight biscuity moving almost into a burnt toast flavour to start with. A light bite of herbal and fruity hops took over from the initial sweet malted barley, and then the sweet fruitiness mixing with the roasted chocolate malt smoothed out into the lip smacking aftertaste. Gosh, what treat after a first week back at work. Perfect.

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