4 August 2022

Snaffling pig chorizo + a Las Iguanas Cuban pork sandwich (@NLi10)

Two mini reviews today - meat isn’t that exciting really (unless it’s you that’s eating it) 

First up we have this little oddity - but what is it?

Well - it’s Snaffling Pig Chorizo - tiny little bites of meat, but with a luxury twist.  As someone who cooks veggie food then adds a dash of meat this has been a really nice surprise. I’m not sure I’d sit and eat these on the bus - but as a side to food (or olives) they are perfect

Just a little bit spicy, but very meaty. Will buy again.

While out the other day we went to Las Iguanas - and I spotted that the Cuban section had a lovely pork sandwich - perfect for a hot day.

With big sides…

…and so full of things. Thin ham, thick pork, mustard and veggies. A little bit luxury and something I’d actively go back for.  Las Iguanas have always been one of the most reliable chains for interesting, exotic food and it’s great to see them keeping up the trend.

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