20 August 2022

The 1079 Project - Beer (Aldi) By @SpectreUK

The 1079 Project - Beer

There's a history lesson on this can. I know this is a beer blog and many of you, myself included, would be more inclined to drink a large amount of beer getting a little giggly before sleeping through a history lesson, but this is a history lesson on brewing beer. The can of this The 1079 Project beer seems intent on telling us that the first cultivation of hops was recorded in 736 in the Hallertau region of Germany. It also states that the first mention of using hops in brewing beer was in 1079.

The 1079 Project Is a dry-hopped beer, which means the hops were added late in the brewing either during fermentation or conditioning. This 4.6% in volume beer is a Pilsner and was inspired by Dutch brewing techniques. The can states that it was brewed especially for Aldi, and uses descriptions on the 330ml can such as, "crisp taste", and "aromatic", and "bright and refreshing". The 1079 Project all sounds pretty super duper, so what does it taste like? I here you wonder.

I think a Pilsner beer that is commemorating the first adding of hops in brewing should be really bitter and tasty. Although having said that, if we've had a millennium of growth in brewing techniques, why would we want to drop back to the very beginning?

So on opening the can the light herbal hops that tickled my nose hairs was not what I was expecting. I was thinking big on hop aroma. It mentioned "aromatic" and "crisp" on the can after all. There was plenty of sweet malted barley in the smell though, which is never a bad thing.

Again on tasting this deep golden The 1079 Project the herbal hops were pretty subtle and sat underneath that sweet Pilsner flavour. Not big on hops and bitterness, but plenty of sweet lovely barley malt, so I certainly enjoyed it. Just maybe not go on about the hops so much next time.

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